For everyone

We all love eating, and we want to enjoy eating all through our lifetime.

That’s why it is so important to eat healthily. By sticking to a healthy diet, we’re more likely to be healthy and stay healthy.

Eating healthily is about more than getting the right nutrients in the right proportions at the right time. It’s also about conscious, social eating; appreciating the quality of food rather than the quantity; and experiencing the joy of cooking and eating wholesome meals together. Eating healthily means having a positive relationship with food: what we eat, where we eat, and with whom we eat.

The We Love Eating project by the European Union aims to help you and your family to enjoy healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle. It offers practical tips and fun activities for all ages, with a special focus on children, pregnant women and older people.

Each of these three groups is at a critical point in the life-cycle when healthy habits are especially essential to well-being, both now and in the future.