For Pregnant Women

Pregnant woman - © European Union, 2014/P.A.U. Education/Marc Martí


During pregnancy, you directly provide your child with the essential nutrients he or she needs for proper growth and development.

That makes it an important time to adopt a healthier lifestyle, not only for the duration of  your pregnancy, but also after your baby is born.

Pregnancy can sometimes feel like it is all about the things you shouldn’t do, but you may find that you really enjoy all of the things you should do, from eating more balanced meals to getting into a daily exercise routine.

Remember that your nutritional needs during pregnancy are very similar to your needs normally – they are just slightly increased. Thus, you’ll have to take special care to meet them through a healthy diet. Your health care provider may also recommend additional supplements or changes to your calorie intake, depending on your specific case.

In addition to a healthy, balanced diet, staying physically active is also important during pregnancy. This promotes general health and well-being, and helps prevent excess maternal weight gain. Walking and swimming are recommended as particularly suitable forms of exercise.

If you live in one of the We Love Eating project'’s seven pilot cities, get in touch with project representatives and ask them for tips and advice on being healthier. They can also suggest some activities and events that you can take part in with other members of your community – especially other pregnant women! A big part of being healthy is eating with others in an enjoyable social setting, and We Love Eating is here to make that easier.

Image: © European Union, 2014 / P.A.U. Education / Marc Martí