Banská Bystrica

The activities

Ride A Bike To Work

15 May 2015
Banská Bystrica
Banska Bystrica citizens' Initiative OCIBB has organized the event “Ride a Bike to Work” on 15 May. The objective is...Read more

I cook it this way

12 March 2015
Banská Bystrica
Maternity Centre Mamina runs a series of inspirational meetings about healthy food and cooking for parents and pregnant women from...Read more

Klub zdravia - Club of Health

17 February 2015
Banská Bystrica
The local Club of Health - Klub zdravia o.z., in collaboration with the City of Banská Bystrica and the We...Read more
On the 8th January 2015 the second workshop for pregnant women and young mums took place in the Mamina civic...Read more

Enjoy Christmas in Health

09 December 2014
Banská Bystrica
On 9 December an interactive workshop entitled "Enjoy Christmas in Health" took place in Banská Bystrica. Participants had the opportunity...Read more

WLE in the streets of Banska Bystrica

11 November 2014
Banská Bystrica
Mothers with babies and elderly people have more time to read in streets and parks the news from their city,...Read more
Banská Bystrica
City population: 

Banská Bystrica is a historical city in Slovakia with easy access to the surrounding mountains, making it a popular winter and summer tourist destination.

The We Love Eating representative in Banská Bystrica is the City of Banská Bystrica - Municipal Office.  The project is supported by different organisations, schools, maternity centres, public health authorities and a Slovak food society. This is very helpful in reaching out different targets, such as children, students, pregnant women and older people.

Banská Bystrica has a lot of health initiatives related with the We Love Eating project. The city would like to include in the project’s dissemination a local vegetarian food producer, supermarkets and restaurants.

We Love Eating is supported by the mayor, who has identified diet problems within the community. He especially highlighted the proliferation of fast food, which has been detrimental to health as well as traditional local foods. This is one of the key issues that the We Love Eating project seeks to address. 

Find out who are the local representatives and supporters of the We Love Eating project in Banská Bystrica by clicking here.