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United Kingdom
West Yorkshire
City population: 

Bradford is a dynamic, post-industrial city in the north of England with a young and diverse population.

The ethnic diversity of the city is reflected in its culture which incorporates an array of different traditions, art, music, and food.

Bradford’s strong network of community organisations currently offers a range of activities and advice sessions that promote healthy living. The city has a 'healthy eating' strategy built upon existing initiatives and work is already being carried out to reduce poor nutrition, overweight and obesity in the city. The We Love Eating project in Bradford looks to build on this great foundation by providing positive and consistent health messages which the community can engage with in a fun and enjoyable way.

The We Love Eating project in Bradford is being led by Born in Bradford and HALE (Health Action Local Engagement). It is also supported by the local promoting group made up of a number of voluntary sector organisations as well as health professionals and local government agencies.

Find out who are the local representatives and supporters of the We Love Eating project in Bradford by clicking here.