The activities

Op vrijdag 19 juni vond tijdens de markt op De Brink in Deventer het eindevenement ‘We love eating – Samen...Read more

Closing WLE event in Deventer

19 June 2015
The closing event of WLE in Deventer will try to make shopping at the local market a fun and interactive...Read more

King Games Day

24 April 2015
During the day, children from primary schools in Deventer will be invited to join all kinds of sport activities. They...Read more
Vocational education students of the Keurkamp will visit a seniors housing complex and learn about healthy eating. They will interview...Read more
Five elementary schools in Deventer will celebrate on 1 April the kick-off event to launch a series of school garden...Read more
Enjoy a whole day dedicated to healthy eating, exercise and socializing! The local GGD will host a workshop on healthy...Read more
City population: 

Deventer is a beautiful regional city located on the river Ijssel. With a historical centre, many cultural events and wide countryside surrounding, it’s worth a visit. It is an important commercial and economic centre, well known for it’s ‘Deventer koek’, printing houses and publishers. It has a growing and large variety of existing and innovative companies.  

The We Love Eating project representative is the municipal health service (GGD IJsselland) and is supported by the municipality of Deventer. Local stakeholders and key partners are represented in the Local Promoting Group (LPG), which includes sports, welfare, health care, child centres and education.

Deventer has a lot of health, active living and sports projects going on. These activities are brought together in a coherent program, called ‘Healthy in … Deventer’. We Love Eating is part of this program. The city would like to include in the project'’s dissemination local supermarkets, a health insurance company, foot ball club, restaurants and other businesses. They have pledged their participation.

Key problems in health and nutrition are overweight and obesity in children as well as elderly. Too little people eat fruit and vegetables and a quatre of the inhabitants do not participate in physical activity. Special attention need the socio economic health differences. People with low education and low income have more health problems and a less healthy lifestyle.   

Find out who are the local representatives and supporters of the We Love Eating project in Deventer by clicking here.