Banská Bystrica celebrates the end of the WLE project during the annual Senior Festival

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Slovak city of Banská Bystrica celebrated the final event of the We Love Eating project on 27 October with a healthy snack and the cheerful songs played by a band of senior musicians.

The celebration, held within the annual Senior Festival organized in the city, took place at the Ján Cikker Concert Hall, with the presence of the Head of the European Commission Representation in Slovakia, Dušan Chrenek; the Head of the Information and Communication Unit of the European Commission General Directorate for Budget, Petr Mooz, and the Director of the European Regional Information Centre, Peter Pisár.

The results of the project, which implemented throughout the year dozens of activities focusing on the adoption of healthy lifestyles, were presented by the local coordinator, Mária Filipová, head of Banská Bystrica’s Social Affairs Department. “In comparison with the other participating cities, the inhabitants of Banská Bystrica give less importance to the cooking and eating of fresh food and eating together with family and friends,” she explained. However, she pointed out that the WLE studies showed that older people and pregnant women drink plenty of water and are well aware of the benefits of it.