Story of the Month: Granollers teams up with We Love Eating to combat overweight and obesity

Friday, December 12, 2014

"What is healthy food for you?" was the subject of discussion on 12 November 2014 amongst families with overweight or obese children participating in Granollers' (Spain) new Physical Activity and Health Programme.

The objective of this new initiative by Granollers' City and the Catalan Health Institute is to get all 6–12 years olds off their chairs and also improve the way they eat. Reducing their body mass index is expected to boost the children’s health and self-esteem. Throughout the school year, the kids and their families are committed to attend training on healthy eating habits and learn about the importance of leading an active lifestyle.

Participants have already benefitted from a one-to-one consultation with a doctor from the Public Health Service. They have also

  • exchanged experiences on the physical activities they have engaged in since joining the programme,
  • included nutrition and physical activity as part of their homework and
  • received information on the We Love Eating project