Card Game

Image of the card game - © European Union, 2014 / P.A.UImage of the card game - © European Union, 2014 / P.A.U

The We Love Eating card game is a fun activity based on simple nutritional contents.

The card game can be played by 2 to 5 people. Each deck contains five sets based on the five food groups: fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy products and starchy foods. The objective is to be the first player to have no cards left, by creating three daily balanced meals (with all five food groups). Learning objectives include: finding out the benefits of healthy eating, comparing and discussing throughout the game, and introducing the importance of food portions and servings.

The card game is a great tool to spur intergenerational exchange at school, during pregnancy sessions, in elderly homes, etc.

Download the game instructions and the cards below. You can print them and make your own "homemade" card game and play!


Image: © European Union, 2014 / P.A.U. Education / Marc Martí