I cook it this way

Thursday, March 12, 2015
Community Centre
For Pregnant Women, Parents
Key messages: 
Enjoy shopping for a healthy meal, Enjoy eating together, Enjoy eating colourful fruits & vegetables, Enjoy cooking, Enjoy drinking water

Inspirational meetings for parents and pregnant women about healthy food.

The activity

Maternity Centre Mamina runs a series of inspirational meetings about healthy food and cooking for parents and pregnant women from Banská Bystrica, Slovakia.

The meetings are planned to take place once a month. Check out the dates and topics:
11.12. Christmas meals and healthier recipes for children
8.1. Legumes
12.2. Cereals (oat-flakes, millet, buckwheat, different types of grain, bread baking)
12.3. Milk and dairy products (cow, goat or sheep milk, rice milk, oak milk...allergies)
9.4. Meat (pros and cons, how to chose quality meat, how to prepare it in a healthy way)
14.5. Vegetables (different types of vegetables including non-traditional vegetables)
11.6. Oils (oil plants, nuts, seeds)

Participating organisations
Maternity CentreMamina