Glam up my meal!

Saturday, February 28, 2015
Health Clinic/Hospital
For Pregnant Women, Older People, Parents, The general community
Key messages: 
Enjoy shopping for a healthy meal, Enjoy eating colourful fruits & vegetables, Enjoy cooking

Every month during the We Love Eating project we encourage Poznań residents of all ages to participate in the action "Glam up my meal!" People who visit the diet clinic can talk about the possibility of enriching their favourite meal with several picturesque ingredients. For example, if you like cheese sandwiches, the dietitian will show you options for "tweaking" or improving your sandwich using whole grain bread and a piece of lettuce or tomato.

The activity

We want our citizens to eat healthy, tasty and colourful, and remember that each of us can make small changes and start falling in love with healthy eating together with us!

Advice is given by Monika Frank, dietitian from the My Dietitian Clinic. The event is repeated every month.

Appointments can be made at the Centre for Senior Citizens Initiatives. Call us: 61 847 21 11. We have 10 free invitations per month.

Participating organisations
Slimming Clinic"Mój Dietetyk"/ "My nutritionist"

Highlighted recipe

The Local Coordinator of the project is

Centre for Senior Citizens (CIS Centrum Inicjatyw Senioralnych)

Local representatives