Play the Game!

The We Love Eating game is designed for kids from the age of 8, but anyone can play! Learn all about the food groups required for a healthy meal in a fun and entertaining way!

How to Play

Choose foods from the five food groups and create a menu including breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner. Make sure you keep hydrated with plenty of drinks and keep an eye on your energy intake to make sure it is aligned with your physical exercise. Have fun completing the 9 challenges and get ideas and inspiration for your own diet!

Teachers’ Notes

The game consists of 9 challenges designed to encourage kids to think about the variety of foods available in a healthy diet. Each challenge takes place over a number of days during which meals must be completed. Scoring is based on hydration and energy levels, and in some of the more difficult challenges solid fats, oils and sugars.

The game is played online, on iPad and on Android tablet devices. Suggestions and feedback are welcome - email the team!