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Experts from EU Member States

In order to augment our expertise and give further validation we have assembled a panel of scientific experts from a variety of disciplines, all with a common interest – health. They provide guidelines for project intervention, help assess our materials and weigh in on the path forward.



City partners

Other organisations involved

The Consortium

  • P.A.U. Education (as leader of the Consortium) has been working in the fields of education and communication for over 17 years. P.A.U. Education brings extensive experience in creating and implementing communication campaigns and educative projects in both formal and informal settings all over Europe. In regards to health, P.A.U. Education was the coordinator of the Shape Up project, co-financed by DG SANCO and implemented in 20 European countries. 
  • GfK - Growth from Knowledge is one of the world’s largest full-service research companies, founded in 1934. 11,500 GfK experts work to discover new insights about the way people live and think in over 100 markets every day, via qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods.
  • CBO - Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement  is an international centre for expertise and innovation in health care. Its principle aim is to develop, implement and review the quality of health care in the Netherlands and throughout Europe. CBO aims to support professionals in the field of practice, policy and research through its own action research, innovation, development and implementation of health promotion. CBO is a respected partner in many European research projects funded by DG SANCO and DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion and by the FP7 programme.


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