Why "We love eating"?

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We love eating, and we want to enjoy eating all through our lifetime – that’s why we choose to eat healthily.

Eating healthily is about much more than getting the right nutrients in the right proportions at the right time. It’s also about the social bonds that are formed through eating together.

The We Love Eating project is about developing a positive relationship with food: what we eat, where we eat, and with whom we eat.

We Love Eating aims to teach people about enjoying healthy food, focusing on the pleasure it brings, and the quality of it rather than the quantity. It encourages conscious eating and more physical activity in daily life, offering realistic ways to adopt a healthier lifestyle... Many of them are even fun!

It works together with citizens and communities to create opportunities that emphasise the pleasantness of eating together, as a moment to be shared and a chance to get to know other community members.

Overall, the We Love Eating project aims to show citizens how good it can feel to eat healthily!