Bradford Closing Event - Intergenerational Cook & Eat

Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Community Centre
Children (0-8 yrs), For Pregnant Women, Older People, Parents
Key messages: 
Enjoy shopping for a healthy meal, Enjoy eating together, Enjoy eating colourful fruits & vegetables, Enjoy cooking, Enjoy drinking water, Enjoy physical exercise

The closing event of the We Love Eating project in Bradford took place on June 23rd at the Allerton Children’s Centre. The aim of the activity was to bring together parents and children under 5, pregnant women and older people to enable different styles and ways of cooking, share food and do exercise.

The activity

The intergenerational Cook & Eat session started with a “walking bus” from a local school to a local church which hosts the Allerton Children's Centre, where parents and their children were paired up with an older person.

Groups prepared a vegetable pasta bake and a tomato soup, including chopping and sautéing the vegetables, hand making breadcrumbs and assembling the pasta bake. During preparation, parents and older people talked to the children about the ingredients and showed them how to prepare the meal.

While the soup and pasta bake were cooking, everyone took part in an exercise class with a trained instructor and were able to play with project resources and colour in healthy eating posters.

Once the food was cooked, everyone sat down at the table and shared the food and fruit-flavoured water.

To close the event, the interim findings of the We Love Eating project were reported and the activities organised in Bradford was summarised.

Finally, all the children were awarded certificates for their unique involvement in the closing event. Awards included: Best Vegetable Chopper, Most Sneaky Ingredient Eater and Most Active. All the attendees also received a goody-bag with healthy recipes and foodstuffs and a children's book.

Participating organisations
Children's CentreAllerton Children's Centre